Hong Kong Securities

(Applicable to Hong Kong Equities Securities, ETFs, Warrants, CBBCs, Inline Warrants, etc.)

ItemsChargesCharged by
Commission (via electronic channels)0.02%(Min HK$2)Webull
Commission (forced sale)0.25%(Min HK$100)Webull
Tradomg Platform Fee (via electronic channels)HK$10/order(Min HK$10)Webull
FRC Levy0.00015%HK FRC
Stamp Duty0.13%(Rounded up to the nearest dollar, ETFs, Warrants, CBBCs, Inline Warrants are exempted from Stamp Duty, Min HK$1)HKSAR Government
Transaction Levy0.0027%(Min HK$0.01)HK SFC
Settlement Fee0.002% (Min HK$5, Max HK$100)HKSCC and Webull
Trading Fee0.005%(Min HK$0.01)SEHK
Trading TariffHK$0.5/transaction (Min HK$0.50)SEHK
Investor Compensation Levy0.002% (Waived since 2005 until further notice)Investor Compensation Fund


1. Charges on non-HKD SEHK trades will be settled with the trade currency

2. Stock Settlement Fee: HKSCC charges 0.002% of gross value of a SEHK trade (Min HK$2.00 and Max HK$100.00)

3. From 31 May 2021, SEHK exempts the Trading Tariff on trades of Fixed Income and Money Market ETF and HKSCC exempts the minimum charges of Stock Settlement Fee on Trades of Fixed Income and Money Market ETF, until further notice. However, Webull charges the both fees according to the above standard

4. From 1 January 2022, levies payable by sellers and purchasers of securities to the Financial Reporting Council (“FRC Levy”) will commence. This is applicable to all sale and purchase of securities (admitted to trading, listed, or approved to be listed on the Exchange) recorded on the Exchange or notified to the Exchange.

Financing Charges

ItemsChargesCharged by
Margin Account Financing Charge

P+1% (per annum)

Margining beyond the Margin value: P+5% (per annum)

P refers to the best lending rate of CMB Wing Lung Bank

Cash Account Overdue Charge

P+5% (per annum)

P refers to the best lending rate of CMB Wing Lung Bank

Note: the Best Lending Rate (P) of CMB Wing Lung Bank is 5.25% per annum currently

Webull reserves the right to add, change or modify the fee schedule at its own discretion from time to time
without prior notice.

Updated on 06 January 2022