Account Opening
Account opening process
Account opening process

How long can I complete the account opening?

Within 1-3 business days after you complete the information and submit the application as required, the staff will complete the review of the account opening information. After the account is successfully opened, it will be notified in the form of notification via Webull App or email.

Account opening review delay

If your account is not successfully opened within 1-3 business days, it means that Webull Securities needs to confirm additional information with you. The staff of Webull Securities will get in touch with you by notification via Webull App, phone or email. You can also go to Help Center> Feedback to contact us.

Account opening review rejected

If your account opening application is rejected, Webull Securities will send the reason for rejection to your account opening email address. Please check and modify your information and resubmit the application. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via the APP.

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