Lipper Fund Ratings
Lipper Fund Ratings

Webull has established a strategic cooperation with Refinitiv, under which Lipper Fund provides data on mutual funds in North America to users of Webull products.

Lipper Fund RatingsLipper Fund is an internationally renowned fund research institution, providing professional fund information, evaluation tools and research services for investment management companies, intermediaries, financial media and individual investors. 

Lipper Fund Ratings grades funds from five key indicators, including total return, stable return, capital preservation ability, fees and tax saving. For each indicator:

The top 20% of funds have a rating of 5;

After that, 20% of the funds are rated 4;

The middle 20% of funds have a rating of 3;

Then 20% of the funds are rated as 2;

The last 20% of funds have a rating of 1.

The rating score after equal weighting of the 5 key indicators is the star rating of Lipper Funds.

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