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Popular inquiries about currency exchange
Popular inquiries about currency exchange

How to exchange currency?

Clients of Webull Securities can perform currency exchange on the APP. The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: Tap the Webull icon in the bottom center > Tap "Tansfer" > Tap "Exchange Currency".

Step 2: Define the exchange direction.

Step 2: Enter the cash amount you would like to exchange

Step 3: Tap "Exchange Now"


1. Webull does not charge any commissions on currency exchange. The exchange rate is for reference only. Please be noted that the actual exchange rate and final exchange result will vary due to market volatility. The actual exchange rate will be determined by the bank.

2. You can convert currency anytime, except clearing period (normally from 16:00 to 18:00 HKT on HK trading day). Due to Webull's risk management policy, your conversion request outside normal HK bank business hours maybe rejected.

Exchange Rate

Webull Securities does not charge any currency exchange fees. The exchange rate is affected by external fluctuations, please refer to the actual exchange result. 

Clients can view the real-time exchange rate provided by Webull on the APP.


Daily Exchange Limit

HKD to USD: 1 million HKD per day, HKD to CNY: 1 million HKD per day.

CNY to HKD: 1 million CNY per day, CNY to USD: 1 million CNY per day.

USD to HKD: 150,000 USD per day, USD to CNY: 150,000 USD per day. 

If you want to exchange more than this limit, please contact our customer services through help center.

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