Stock Transfer(HK)
How to initiate a transfer of securities(Transfer in)?
How to initiate a transfer of securities(Transfer in)?

Transfer in:

1. Go to Homepage>>>Transfer>>>Transfer Stocks into Webull, and choose the corresponding stock market.

2. Fill in the incoming and outgoing broker’s information

Incoming broker’s information:

Broker name: Webull Securities Limited

Account No.: 100xxxxx, (your account no. with Webull HK)

Account Name: Your Webull HK account’ name (Please make sure the account name of your outgoing broker’s account is the same as your account name with Webull HK)


Outgoing broker’s information:click the drop-down triangle to view the brokers in the list

1) If the outgoing broker’s name is in the list, please choose the corresponding broker

2) If the outgoing broker’s name is not in the list, please choose other broker and fill in the outgoing broker’s name, CCASS code, account number and contact information (optional) manually. Please be noted, if you cannot provide contact information of the outgoing broker, we will try to contact the counterparty, but it may delay the transfer process.


3. Add stock information that you want to transfer in:

The stock code or name of the stock, number of shares and cost price per share (optional, if you do not input the cost price, the previous close price will be used)

4. After confirming the transfer information, click Submit Transfer Application.

5. Please refer to the guidelines in the App, notify the outgoing broker to transfer out the stock. 

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