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Popular inquiries about withdrawals

Notes for withdrawal

1. Currently, Webull Securities supports the withdrawal of HKD, RMB and USD.

2. Withdrawal of funds needs to be withdrawn to a bank account with the same name as the securities account. Withdrawal to another's bank account is not supported.

3. It is not supported to withdraw funds to bank accounts opened jointly with others.

4. The cut-off processing time for withdrawal is 08:00 am on each HK stock trading day. Withdrawal instructions initiated after 08:00 am will be processed on the next HK stock trading day.

5. Withdrawal instructions will not be processed during Hong Kong holidays, please make the schedule earlier.

6. The withdrawal amount in Hong Kong dollars cannot be less than 150 Hong Kong dollars per transaction (cross-border remittance, and the withdrawal amount in US dollars cannot be lower than 10 US dollars (local bank)per transaction.

How to withdraw funds from a Webull account?

Users of Webull Securities can withdraw funds through the APP. The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to Home page> Transfers> Withdraw

Step 2: Select currency that you want to withdraw (HKD, CNY and USD are supported)

Step 3: Fill in the amount of funds you wish to withdraw

Step 4: Submit the application and wait for the funds to arrive

Except for withdrawing funds to overseas accounts, Webull Securities does not charge handling fees during the process of withdrawing funds.

Time and fee of withdrawal

ServicesHandling TimeCharge
Fund Withdrawal to local bank account
Withdrawal AmountHandled within the same working day if the withdraw instruction submitted before 08:00 amWebull will not charge any fee on providing fund withdrawal service , all bank charges will be deducted from the withdraw amount. (If you withdraw CNY to a virtual bank, the bank will charge a CNY¥ 8 handling fee. The handling fee amount is subject to the bank.)
Fund Withdrawal to overseas bank account
wire transfer to overseas bank accountHandled within the same working day if the withdraw instruction submitted before 08:00 amHK$50 charged by Webull, all bank charges will be deducted from the withdrawal amount
1. For deposits by remittance (RTGS/CHATS/TT), the receiving bank charges are HK$15-80 per transaction;
2. For local bank account withdrawals processed by CHATS/RTGS, especially for USD withdraw, the bank charges are HK$55-150 per transaction charged by our banks. Bank charges may be incurred by receiving bank;
3. For overseas bank account withdrawals by Tele Transfer (TT), the bank charges are HK$125-200 per transaction charged by our banks. Besides, bank charges may be incurred by intermediary bank and receiving bank;
4. Webull selects the best withdrawal method by considering cost and efficiency.

Webull Securities Co., Ltd. reserves the right to adjust the fee standard at any time.

How to change the withdrawal bank account?

If your account opening verification is via online transfer, only withdrawals to authenticated bank accounts are supported. If you want to change the withdrawal bank account, please use another bank account to complete another identity verification(deposit 10,000HKD/10,000RMB/1300USD to Webull Securities account).

Problem Solved?
During the campaign period from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 US stocks, US stocks short selling, US stock options, Hong Kong stocks, and A-shares trading will maintain at $0 commission, and no subscription/redemption fees for mutual fund transactions. In order to improve service quality, maintain platform stability, and meet the growing needs of users, Webull will start charging a US stock options platform fee to new customers who open their accounts sucessfully from July 10, 2023. For more information, please visit:
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