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Proof of address

What is residential address proof?

Valid residential address proof is document, bill or correspondence issued within the last 3 months from the application date by any of the government department or agency. Such as (one of them):

1. Real estate certificate.

2. Residence permit.

3. Financial institution bills: banks/brokers/insurance/credit cards, etc.

4. Public institution bills: water/electricity/gas/management fees, etc.

*If your current residence is the same as the address on the ID card, it can be used as proof of address. The document should include the name and address of the applicant, the name of issuing organization and the issue date.

Information to be included in the proof of address

The following four elements need to be included in the proof of address:

①Name (Chinese or English is acceptable)

②Residence address

③Issuing organization (public service department/financial institution)

④ Issuing date (need to be within the last three months)

Common proof of address

Water bills, electricity bills, natural gas/gas bills, bank account statements, credit card statements, telecom statements, etc.

Sample of bank account statement


Sample of gas bill


Sample of electricity bill

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