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No matter how many times you trade and which option strategy you use, all for $0 commission. 

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Get real time OPRA data after subscribe option trading service. As long as you keep trading options, you will receive the OPRA data for free.

*The Option Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) disseminates consolidated last sale and quotation information originating from the national securities exchanges that have been approved by the Securities and Exchange.Click here to see complimentary OPRA quotes campaign T&C.

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Options screener and options price alert allow you to explore more trading opportunities. Stop order and stop-limit order for options meet your personalized trading needs.

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Become a more confident investor with our investor education resources. Connect with others in the community. Share market trends and trading strategies.

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You can open a securities account online to trade options in three simple steps. If you already have a Webull securities account, you only need to complete assessment and sign to agree the Schedule of the Client Agreement and read the risk disclosure of options trading to start your journey of options.

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Options FAQs

What kind of U.S. stock options trading is currently supported by Webull?
How to get U.S. stock options trading permission?
Do I need a deposit to trade US stock options on Webull?

Please refer to theHelp Centerfor more information on options trading.


Webull only supports position of US stock options at the moment, trading rights can only be initiated after agreeing the Schedule F of the Client Agreement. Extra risk disclosure of Options in Risk Disclosure Statement in Part IV of the Client Agreement must be read and fully understood.

During the campaign period from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 US stocks, US stocks short selling, US stock options, Hong Kong stocks, and A-shares trading will maintain at $0 commission, and no subscription/redemption fees for mutual fund transactions. In order to improve service quality, maintain platform stability, and meet the growing needs of users, Webull will start charging a US stock options platform fee to new customers who open their accounts sucessfully from July 10, 2023. For more information, please visit:  https://www.webull.hk/pricing
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