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The commission for funds trading during the promotion period is 0%* until further notice.

Investing is not only about stocks. Mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and money market funds help you accumulate your wealth.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to any changes without further notice.

Mutual Funds

Professional fund managers and research teams manage your investment.

FeesFund SubscriptionFund Redemption

In the general subscription/redemption process, 3 % of the fund's value will be charged for subscription/redemption fee by distributor.

** The subscription/redemption fee for mutual funds during the promotion period is 0% until further notice.

The fund house will charge a certain management fee, which is accrued from the fund assets. The fund house has deducted the fee from the net value of the fund; therefore, investors do not need to pay it separately in the transaction. Clients can know more the management fee in details via the Trading Rules in the APP or Fund Fact Sheet.

MoneyBull – USD Cash Management Product

Earn interest from your idle cash.
USD Cash management is realized through automatic subscription/redemption of USD money market funds*. Money market fund automatic subscription/redemption is an automatic financial management service for idle funds. After activate the function, the system will process the instruction of subscribe/redeem automatically by using the remaining cash of client’s trading account to invest in Moneybull on every day after 8:00 am, so the client’s cash flow can be used flexible.

If funds are needed by clients, the value in the relevant account will be included in the unified purchasing power which can be used in US stock and options, other US Moneybull, funds withdrawal or currencies exchange. When the value of the account balance is negative, the system will automatically initiate a redemption instruction and the redeemed funds will be returned to the account on approximate 2 days.

*USD money market funds mainly invest in high-quality short-term interest-bearing securities (e.g. short-term bank deposit certificates, government papers or commercial papers. The characteristics of "two lows and two highs" include: low risk, low management fee, high liquidity, high annual interest rate.

Investment amount
Note for actvitating automatic subscription/redemption function
Buy/Redemption Modification

Exchange Traded Funds

ETF classification, wide selection for high-quality wealth management products.

Fixed Income

Undertake cash management, upgrade your income
Focus on high quality Fixed income investment product

Core Balanced

Undertake medium-term investment, grow steadily
Balanced risks with moderate growth.

Long-term Growth

Undertake long-term investment, let time work for you
Companies with greater growth potential over a longer investment period.

Thematic Investing

Pursue hot spots, personalized, and diversified investment.
Including 13 categories of ETFs
Consumer Defensive, Energy, Communcations, Consumer Cyclical, Healthcare, Inductrials, Infrastructure, Financial, Utilities, Natural Resources, Precious Metals, Real Estate, Technology.

ETFs Screener

Get dazzled by various of ETFs? The in-APP ETFs filter allows you to search for your favorite funds, narrow down your selection range, and locate your designated.


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Why can't I purchase some mutual funds after I activated the mutual fund subscription and redemption function?
Is there an additional handling fee for purchasing MMF after enabling the automatic MMF buy/redemption function ?
Will the automatic buy/redemption function affect my daily transactions and withdrawals?
During the campaign period from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 US stocks, US stocks short selling, US stock options, Hong Kong stocks, and A-shares trading will maintain at $0 commission, and no subscription/redemption fees for mutual fund transactions. For more information, please visit:  https://www.webull.hk/pricing
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