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Instruction for account opening

How to open a Webull Securities account?

Step 1: Click "Open an account now" on the homepage

Step 2: Select the corresponding account opening area


Step 3: Fill in work and correspondence information


Step 4: Check the risk disclosure



Step 5: Choose account type and trading market(Currently only cash account is supported).


Step 6: Identity verification (online transfer verification: you need to provide a photo of your Hong Kong resident ID card and a photo of proof of address (issued within 3 months), and bind the Hong Kong bank account with the same name, and you need to use the bind Hong Kong bank account to deposit to Webull Securities custodian bank account. The transfer amount is not less than HKD 10,000 (or equivalent in RMB). When inter-bank transfer, the relevant bank may charge a handling fee. After the funds are received, the identity verification can be completed. The fund can be used after the account is opened: for transactions or withdrawals. If the account is not opened due to some reason, the funds will be returned in the same way)


Step 7: Submit application

Reminder: It usually takes 1-3 business days to open an account. After the account is successfully opened, there will be an App or email message notification, please pay attention to check it.

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