Webull supports US and Hong Kong stock margin accounts, helping you obtain better potential returns with lower initial capital.

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*Clients need to agree Schedule A of Part III of the Client Agreement and read and understand the risk disclosure statement relevant to margin account to subscribe the margin service. the offer is subject to terms and conditions. For details, please refer to the event details and disclaimer.

Why Use Webull for Margin Trading?

Flexible Fund Control

Hold relevant stock positions with lower capital required. Enrich your investment portfolio by leveraged buying power.

Margin trading service is supported in both U.S. and H.K. market

U.S. stocks: Additional funds of up to 50% of the total value of the stocks

H.K. stocks: Additional funds of up to 70% of the total value of the stocks

Margin Trading
3 Things You Need to Know

Buy Shares With Margin

When you activate a margin account, you can use the additional buying power to trade stocks.
Each stock has a specified initial margin ratio, which refers to the percentage you need to pay to buy 100% of the stock.
The maintenance margin ratio refers to the minimum margin ratio that needs to be maintained on net assets after borrowing additional funds from a broker to buy a stock. When the net asset of the account is lower than the maintenance margin, the broker will issue a margin call to the client.

Forced Liquidation Margin Level

When the net asset of the account is lower than the maintenance margin, Webull will issue a margin call to the client. If the client fails to deposit or close the positions in time, the client's position will be forced to liquidate until the initial margin requirement is met. If the cash obtained after the liquidation is still insufficient to repay the financing charges, the client needs to repay the brokerage company in addition to the original capital loss.

Always Monitor the Risk Level of Your Account

If you buy stocks with margin and the stock price falls, apart from the increasing loss, you may also receive a margin call. If you fail to sell stocks, deposit funds or stocks before the margin call deadline, you may be forced to close the positions.
Therefore, you must monitor the risk level of your account to avoid forced liquidation due to insufficient margin.
Enter the [Assets] interface and click [Risk Level] to check whether your account is at risk. If you are in caution or at risk state, remember to deposit, transfer or actively close your positions in time.


What is Margin?
How to apply for the margin account?
How can I check if a particular stock supports margin trading?

Risk disclosure:
Margin account refers to an account in which customers use securities as collateral for margin financing. Additional agreement terms are involved for opening margin account. Additional risks are involved, please refer to the risk disclosure statement. All promotions are bound to certain terms and conditions, please refer to detailed disclaimer.

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